Mathieu Régnier is an independent environmental consultant. He provides his expertise on various sustainability related issues, from environmental policy consulting to current local and international environmental issues. He specializes in environmental writing.

Mathieu was Analyst – Climate Change for EcoRessources, an environmental and natural resource economics consultancy based in Montreal. Prior to this experience in the private sector, he worked at theSecretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity as assistant to the Legal Advisor. Over the years, he was assigned to key crosscutting issues such as climate change, tourism and biodiversity, access and benefit sharing as well as sustainable use. Mathieu worked as In-house Consultant for the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (Montreal). As well as working on broad trade and environment issues, he was Coordinator of the North American Green Purchasing Initiative. Up to that time, he was Executive director of oikos International, an international NGO based in Switzerland and furthering sustainable economics and management in business schools. Previously, he had been following climate change negotiations for Climate Strategies and Chatham House (London). Prior to this work experience in London, Mathieu followed international climate change negotiations for the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development and worked at the Trade and Environment Program of the World Trade Organization (Geneva).

Mathieu Régnier obtained a BSc., Political Science from the University of Montreal. He holds an MSc., International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International Studies (Geneva) and an MSc., Environmental Technologies from Imperial College (London).

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